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Thursday, March 22

All rooms are located on the second level, with the exception of the Magnolia Room (Thursday evening reception), which is on the first level. Registration desk will be on the second level at the top of the escalators. Continental breakfasts, coffee breaks, and the book exhibit are in the pre-function area on the second level.

3:00 - 6:15: Registration

5:00 – 6:15: Keynote Speaker | Grand Kentucky Ballroom A & B

Shawn Michelle Smith, Art Institute of Chicago, "Visions of the Nineteenth-Century Nation:  Augustus Washington and the Civil Contract of Photography"

6:15 – 7:30: Reception | Magnolia Room

Dinner on your own

Friday, March 23

7:30 - 3:00: Registraton

7:30 - 9:00: Continental breakfast

8:00 - 3:15: Book exhibit

I. 8:15 – 9:30

A. Gender and Sensory Perception | Bluegrass A
    Moderator: Amy Montz, University of Southern Indiana

  • Annette Cozzi, University of South Florida, “Picturing Mrs. Beeton”
  • Kinsey Redd, Arizona State University, “Picturing Sound, Gendering Music”
  • Nicholas Spinelli, University of Texas at Austin, “Lithe Music: Satire, Erotics and the Female Pianist in Jules Laforgue´s ‘Dimanches’”

B. Places and Their Meanings | Bluegrass B
    Moderator: Hertha Sweet Wong, University of California, Berkeley

  • Suriyya Choudhary, University of Reading, “Sacred Indigenous Sites or Contested Colonial Sites: British Representation of Multan and Nineteenth Century Photography”
  • Jerry Dickey, University of Arizona, “‘Liberty Enlightening the World’: The Florida East Coast Hotels and Late Nineteenth-Century Tableaux Vivants
  • Sharon Setzer, North Carolina State University, “Picturing Young Queen Victoria as the Lady in Milton’s ‘Comus’: The Ideological Designs of the Garden Pavilion at Buckingham Palace”

C. Poetry and Painting | Crimson Clover
     Moderator: Jonathan Allison, University of Kentucky

  • Christa Holm Vogelius, University of Michigan, “‘On a Picture’: Sigourney’s Ekphrastic Poetry and Antebellum Image Circulation”
  • Dawn Vernooy, Shippensburg University, “The Long Nineteenth-Century’s Poetry and Portraiture: A Case Study in Mary Robinson’s and Joshua Reynolds’ Elevation of the British Subject”
  • Erin E. Edgington, Indiana University, “Mallarmé´s éventails: fashionable written objects”

9:30 - 11:15: Coffee break

II. 9:45 – 11:00

A. Images of Static Spaces in a Spinning World | Bluegrass A
Moderator: Heather Latoilais Eure, University of Texas at Austin

  • Heather Latiolais Eure, University of Texas at Austin, “Motionless Bodies and Living Pictures in Vanity Fair and La Curée
  • Elizabeth Erbeznik, Northern Illinois University, “Parisian Cityscapes and Papered Panoramas in Balzac’s Le Père Goriot
  • Meredith Lehman, University of Texas at Austin, “Picturing an Industrialized Experience: The Development of the Bande Dessinée and the Railway in Nineteenth-Century France”

B. Women Behaving Badly | Bluegrass B
    Moderator: Annette Cozzi, University of South Florida

  • Megan D. Lease, University of Kansas, “Watch Your Step: Portraying the English Countryside and the Female Criminal in Wilkie Collins’s Armadale
  • Katherine Dunagan Osborne, Davis & Elkins College, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Beautifier? Female Friendship and Fraud in the Victorian Cosmetics Industry”

C. Imperial Objects | Blackberry Lilly
    Moderator: Philip Harling, University of Kentucky

  • Brian Shott, University of California at Santa Cruz, "Black Man's Burden: Illustrating Race in the African American Press During Late-Nineteenth Century 'Wars of Expansion'"
  • Thomas Prasch, Washburn University, “‘A Strange Incongruity’: Envisioning India by Inventing Indian Architecture in Victorian International Exhibitions”
  • Ralph Crane and Lisa Fletcher, University of Tasmania, “Picturing the Tiger: Imperial Iconography in the Nineteenth Century”

D. The Medium and the Message: Modes of Representation | Triple Crown A-B-C
     Moderator: Christ Vanden Bossche, University of Notre Dame 

  • Eileen Cleere, Southwestern University, “Tactile Values: Touching the Renaissance in Late-Nineteenth-Century Art Criticism”
  • Robert Polhemus, Stanford University, “Allegorical Scoops: Cats and Birds, Forefingers and Dark Ladies, Pilgrimages and Death: How Dickens’s Bleak House and Goya’s Dark Painting Illuminate Each Other And Why It Matters”
  • Joe Conway, University of Alabama-Huntsville, “Making Beautiful Money”

E. Picturing Byron | Crimson Clover
    Moderator: Manu Chander, Rutgers University, Newark

  • Jeanne Britton, Penn State University, “Facing the Other in Byron’s The Giaour
  • Halina Adams, University of Delaware, “Acid and Ink: Hobhouse, Finden, and Byronic Images”
  • Gerald Egan, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Silent Writing and Melancholy: Images of the Author in the Long Nineteenth Century"

III: 11:15 – 12:30

A. Visualizing Victorian London: Teaching and Learning the Literary Cityscape | Bluegrass A
Moderator: Ann Ciasullo, Gonzaga University

  • Ann Ciasullo and Ingrid Ranum, Gonzaga University, “Teaching Literary London: City, Text, and Image”
  • Maite Urcaregui, Gonzaga University, “Seeing Britishness:  National Identity in Victorian Literature and London”
  • Andre Wolf, Gonzaga University, “Walking into the Past: Picturing the 19th Century in Modern London”

B. Violence and Horror | Bluegrass B
    Moderator: Devjani Roy, University of Kentucky

  • Heather Bowlby, University of Virginia, "'A Picture . . . Doesn't Reproduce': Spectacle and the Dynamics of Vision in Charlotte Mew's 'A White Night'"
  • Shalyn Claggett, Mississippi State University, “Picturing and Policing Transgression in Magic Lantern Shows”
  • David Sigler, University of Idaho “The Veiled Corpse-Effigy Revealed: Known Unknowns in Radcliffe, Shelley, and Dickens”

C. Gender, Technology, and Racial Performance in the Works of Charles Chestnutt | Blackberry Lilly
Moderator: Rynetta Davis, University of Kentucky

  • Miriam Thaggert, University of Iowa, “A Matter of Time and Space: Charles Chesnutt’s “A Matter of Principle” 
  • Vershawn Ashanti Young, University of Kentucky, “Black Masculinity in/as Performance and Technology in Delaney’s Blake, Douglass’ The Heroic Slave, Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson and Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition
  • Rynetta Davis, University of Kentucky, “More Imprisoned than Free? Marital Relations in Charles Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth and Uncle Wellington’s Wives”

D. Creating Reality: Maps, Texts, Images | Triple Crown A-B-C
     Moderator: Keith Hanley, University of Lancaster

  • Anca Vlasopolos, Wayne State University, “Invisibility and Rights: Bio-Cleansing the Globe in Nineteenth-Century Cartography”
  • Manu Samriti Chander, Rutgers University – Newark, “Framing Difference: The Orientalist Aesthetics of David Roberts and Percy Shelley”
  • Rebecca May, Carnegie Mellon University, “Joseph Maclise and the Anatomical Arts Tradition”

E. Picturing Layers | Crimson Clover
Moderator: Michael Garval, North Carolina State University

  • Michael Garval, North Carolina State University, "Exposing the Celebrity Body: Intersections of Sculpture, Cinema, and X-rays in Fin-de-siècle Paris"
  • “Alexandra K. Wettlaufer, University of Texas at Austin, “Picturing Artistic Identity: Le Singe peintre and the Aesthetics of Modernity in Grandville's Caricature"
  • Mary Hunter, McGill University, “Aging Celebrity? Louis Pasteur’s Public Face”
12:30 – 2:00: lunch on your own
12:30 - 2:00: INCS board meeting and lunch | Arabian Room

2:00 - 3:15: Keynote Speaker | Kentucky Grand Ballroom A & B

Julie Codell, Arizona State University, "Victorian Portraits: The Material Culture of Identity"

3:15 Buses to University of Kentucky campus (Broadway entrance of hotel)

4:00 – 5:00: Lecture and Exhibit | Worshaam Theater, U.K. Campus

Jerry Spagnoli, photographer and daguerrotypist

Robert C. May Photography Endowment Lecture

5:00 – 6:30: Reception | U.K. Art Museum

Dinner on your own
Saturday, March 24

7:30 - 3:00: Registration

7:30 - 9:00: Continental breakfast

8:00 - 5:00: Book exhibit

IV. 8:15-9:45

A. Image and Text | Bluegrass A
    Moderator: Halina Adams, University of Delaware

  • Myriam Krepps, Pittsburg State University, “Picturing Ideas”
  • Kenneth Daley, Columbia College Chicago, “Rossetti, Courbet, and the 'painter-beholder'"
  • Darcy Irvin, University of Puget Sound, “‘Perfect Realizations’: Visual Reading in David Copperfield
  • Jodie Matthews, University of Huddersfield, UK, "'Thousands of these floating hovels': Picturing Bargees in 'Image and Text'"

B. Creating Selves | Bluegrass B
Moderator: Mary Jeam Corbett, Miami University of Ohio

  • Michelle Foa, Tulane University, “Picturing the Self: (Anti) Biography and Neo-Impressionism”
  • Janalee Emmer, Ohio Wesleyan University “’I am the Famous Man!’: Marie Bashkirtseff, Celebrity and Self-Creation”
  • Stephen Grandchamp, Michigan State University, “Evolutionary Discourse and the Bildungsroman: Representing Self and Species in du Maurier’s Peter Ibbetson
  • Jennifer Leigh Moffitt, Florida State, “(Re)constructing the New Woman”

C.  Re-picturing the Nineteenth-Century: Musical/Cinematic/Theatrical Adaptations | Triple Crown A-B-C
      Moderator: Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, Louisiana State University

  • Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, Louisiana State University, “Broadway’s ‘Jane! Jane!’: Victorian Feminism, Impressionism, and the Gothic in Jane Eyre:  The Musical
  • Stephen Rachman, Michigan State University, “Hello, I must be going: The Marx Brothers, Victoriana, and the Invention of the Modern American Film Musical”
  • Marty Gould, University of South Florida, “The Workshop of My Filthy Genesis Device: Teaching Nineteenth-Century Literature through Film”
  • Amy Billone, University of Tennessee, “‘Who in the World am I?’: The Puzzle of Performativity in Pictures of Alice"

D. The Urban Scene | Blackberry Lilly
Moderator: Peter Kalliney, University of Kentucky

  • Joseph McLaughlin, Ohio University, “Staging A Tale of Two Cities: Spectacle and the City”
  • Barbara Leckie, Carleton University “‘Seeing is Believing’: Advocating for Social Reform in Mid-Century London”
  • Sambudha Sen, University of Delhi, “Technology, Visuality and the Making of a Modern Urban Imaginary”
  • Joseph De Sapio, St. Hilda’s College, “’On a bridge that neither ended nor began’: Challenging the Visual and the Sensuous in Representations of Late-Victorian London”

9:45 - 11:45: Coffee break

V. 10:00– 11:30

A. Ethical Visions | Bluegrass A
     Moderator: Deirdre d'Albertis, Bard College

  • Jill Galvan, Ohio State University, “Corelli’s Caliban in a Glass: Realism and Anti-Realism in The Sorrows of Satan
  • Elisha Cohn, Cornell University, “Still Life: The Ethics of Absorption in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette
  • Silvana Colella, University of Macerata, Italy, “The Ticklish Topic”: Framing Capitalism in Little Dorrit 

B. Framing the Artist | Triple Crown A-B-C
Moderator: Liz Corsun, Transylvania University

  • Karen Chase, University of Virginia, “Partial Partial Portrait”
  • Carol MacKay, University of Texas at Austin, “Who I am, I Left Behind: The Buried Artist in Jane Eyre
  • A. Robin Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh, “‘There in the picture-book, He lives’: Phiz’s Funny Alphabet and Illustration Afterlife”
  • Regina Oost, Wesleyan College, “Picturing the Aesthete: The Creation of ‘Oscar Wilde’”

C.  Women and Children First?:  Victorian Debates over Female and Juvenile Offenders | Bluegrass B
      Moderator: Nancy Henry, University of Tennessee

  • Jill Abney, University of Kentucky, “Lambs to the Slaughter: Juvenile Offenders in the Courts of London and Middlesex, 1790-1815”
  • George Robb, William Paterson University, “A Victorian Ponzi Scheme: The Women’s Bank of Boston”
  • Tammy Whitlock, University of Kentucky, “Professional Thieves?: Shoplifting and Property Crime in the Age of Victoria”

D. Cartographies real and imagined | Blackberry Lilly
     Moderator: David Pike, American University

  • Sean O’Toole, Baruch College, CUNY, “Internal Geographies: Anglo-Irish Identity in The Real Charlotte
  • Shannon N. Gilstrap, Gainesville State College, “The Cultural Cartography of Matthew Arnold’s ‘Ordnance Maps’”
  • Lydia Pyne, Drexel University, “Missing Links: Geography Recapitulates Phylogeny”

E. Technologies of Sympathetic Identification | Crimson Clover
    Moderator: Kristin Samuelian, George Mason University

  • Jesse Hoffman, Rutgers University, “Photography, Elegy and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘The Portrait’”
  • Meghan A. Freeman, Oregon State University, “Hawthorne’s Stereoscopic Imagination”
  • Teresa A. Goddu, Vanderbilt University, “A Bird’s Eye View: The Visual Discourse of Antislavery"

VI. 11:45 – 1:15

A. Women on Display | Bluegrass A
Moderator: Jill Rappoport, University of Kentucky

  • Megan Hansen, Texas Tech University, “Vision, Vulnerability, and the Victorian Marketplace in Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’”
  • Liz Corsun, Transylvania University, “Scenes from a Marriage: Representing the Domestic Sphere on the Victorian Stage”
  • Jill Ehnenn, Appalachian State University, "Phenomenologies, Pictures and Pain: Becoming Uncomfortable with Elizabeth Siddal and 'Michael Field'"

B.  Showing Animals—Trophies to Torment Triple Crown A-B-C
Moderator: Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa

  • Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa, “Animal Exposures"
  • Catherine A. Schuler, University of Maryland, “Dog and Dvorianstvo: Breed and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Russia”
  • Kim Marra, University of Iowa, “Side Saddle Sensations: Displaying Female Equestrian Prowess at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden, 1883-1915”

C. Visual Pedagogy | Bluegrass B
     Moderator: Jennifer Phegley, University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • Sarah Lennox, University of Florida, “Madame Tussaud’s Classroom: Studying Physiognomy in the Wax Museum”
  • Brian Baugh, Robert Hale, and Craig Vivian, Monmouth College, “Teaching Victorian Culture: An Interdisciplinary Course Emphasizing Art, Literature, and Education”
  • Patricia Zakreski, University of Exeter, “Creative Industry: Design, Art Education, and the Woman Writer”

D. Time, History, and Representation | Blackberry Lilly    
     Moderator: Ken Daley, Columbia College Chicago

  • Maureen Hattrup, Indiana University – Bloomington, “Torn Books & Speaking Fossils”
  • Abigail Mann, University of Indianapolis, “Picturing the Self Within Time”
  • Alex Chase-Levenson, Princeton University, “‘Annihilating Space and Time’: Eclecticism and Virtual Tourism at the Sydenham Crystal Palace”

E.  Illustrating Empire | Crimson Clover
Moderator: George Phillips, University of Kentucky

  • Andrea Kaston Tange, Eastern Michigan University, “‘The Butcher of Cawnpore’: The Problem of Picturing Villainy”
  • Nathan K. Hensley, Georgetown University, “The Mutiny Counter-Picturesque”
  • Rebecca H. Starkins, New York University, “Engraving the Imperial Imaginary: Illustrated Periodicals and the Production of the Indian Thug in Victorian Britain”
  • Jean Fernandez, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, “Representing Victorian Global Realities: Imperial Geography and the Quandary of Space in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim
1:15-2:45: Lunch on your own

VII: 2:45 – 4:15

A. Re-imagining the Past | Triple Crown A-B-C
Moderator: Michael Trask, University of Kentucky

  • Clare A. Simmons, The Ohio State University, “Visions of Christmas: Specific Pasts in Christmas Carols and their Illustrations”
  • Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia, "Legibility and Loss in the Nineteenth-Century Archive"
  • David L. Pike, American University, “Visualizing the Nineteenth-Century Street in the Twenty-First Century”
  • Hertha D. Sweet Wong, University of California-Berkeley, “Reframing the Photographic Archive at the Hampton Institute: Carrie Weems’ Artistic Engagement with Native/African American Visual Histories”

B. Creating Class Identifications| Bluegrass A
    Moderator: Jennifer Amrstrong, Independent Scholar

  • Jennifer Armstrong, Independent Scholar, “Our New Eyes: Stephen Crane's Underground Magic Lantern Show"
  • M. Colleen Willenbring, Marquette University, “Within and Without”
  • Ann Bruder, Berea College, “Selective Memory at the Asylum”

C. Fictional Places | Bluegrass B
    Moderator: Anca Vlasopolos, Wayne State University

  • Deborah Denenholz Morse, College of William and Mary, “The Hidden Metropole and Cosmopolitan: Disrupting the Rural Picture in Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd
  • Keya Kraft, Washington University, “Wuthering Heights, Landscape, and the Ideology of the Picturesque”

D. Imaging Lives: Modes of Nineteenth-Century Life-Representation | Blackberry Lilly
     Moderator: Cynthia Huff, Illinois State University

  • Cynthia Huff, Illinois State University, “Picturing a Family: The Galton Family Book Revisions History”
  • Filiz Barin, Illinois State University, “Nineteenth Century Western Travelers, Artists and Scholars in the East: Representations of the Orient”
  • Lynn M. Linder, Saint Louis University, “Through the Eyes of a Female Artist: Lady Pauline Trevelyan’s Portrait of the Victorian Age”
  • Gretchen Frank, Illinois State University, “Picturing Hannah Cullwick: Extra-textual Materials and The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick, Victorian Maidservant

E. The Politics of Picturing | Crimson Clover
    Moderator: David Sigler, University of Idaho

  • Michael Lewis, Washington and Jefferson College, “Pictures of Revolutionary Reform in the 1860s”
  • Tanushree Ghosh, Syracuse University, “Confounding Liberal Vision: Radical Disgust in Arthur Morrison’s A Child of the Jago
  • Joan Stack, The State Historical Society of Missouri Art, “’A Negro Man Retires Weeping from the Scene:’  Representations of African Americans in the Art of George Caleb Bingham, 1852-1872” 
  • Shane Peterson, Washington University in St. Louis, “Novel Re-visions: F.W. Hackländer, Wilhelm Raabe, and the Illustrated Book in Imperial Germany”

4:15 - 6:15: Coffee break

VIII. 4:30 – 6:00

A. Collaborative Transatlantic Teaching: (Re)Mapping the Nineteenth Century | Triple Crown A-B-C
Linda K. Hughes, Texas Christian University

  • Beverly Taylor/Meagan Foster, University of Carolina Chapel Hill, “Transatlantic Intersections”
  • Linda K. Hughes/Marie Martinez, Texas Christian University, “In Mid-Ocean, Looking to the Shore(s)”
  • Jennifer Phegley/ Kristin Huston, University of Missouri-Kansas City, “Teaching Transatlantic Sensations”

B. (Re)Performing the Victorian | Bluegrass A
    Moderator: Amy L. Montz, University of Southern Indiana

  • Sara K. Day, Southern Arkansas University, “Rochester Rocks: Revisions and Redemptions of Victorian Leading Men in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction”
  • Gina Opdycke Terry, Midwestern State University, “Re-Performing and Re-Painting Victorian Identity: the Adaptation of The French Lieutenant’s Woman” 
  • Sonya Sawyer Fritz, University of Central Arkansas, “Double Lives: Victorian Girlhood Performed for Contemporary Audiences in Neo-Victorian Adolescent Fiction”
  • Amy L. Montz, University of Southern Indiana, “’Look Back at Me’”: The Material Re-Performance of the Victorian in North and South (2004)”

C.  Literature and Science | Bluegrass B
     Moderator: Eileeln Cleere, Southwestern University

  • Anna M. Gibson, Duke University, “Detection and Sensation: Francis Galton, Wilkie Collins, and the Forms of Personal Identity”
  • Suzanne Raitt, College of William and Mary, “Waste and Repair in The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Genie Babb, SUNY-Plattsburgh, “Picturing Mars: Cosmic Clairvoyance in H. G. Wells’s ‘The Crystal Egg’ and The War of the World

D. The Body Politicized | Blackberry Lilly
     Moderator: Alice Christ

  • Lindgren Johnson, Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Picturing the Nineteenth-Century “Ethic” of Sport Hunting and Spectacle Lynching”
  • Melissa J. Lingle-Martin, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, “Literary Interrogations of the Image of Justice”
  • Wesley King, Flagler College, “The Greek and the Turk”
  • Courtney Andree, Washington University in St. Louis, “Figuring Cretinism: Victorian Medical Photography and the Disabled Subject”

E. Working Women | Crimson Clover
    Moderator: Alexandra Wettlaufer, University of Texas, Austin

  • Kristin Flieger Samuelian, George Mason University, “Continental Naughtiness in Anglo-Saxon Attitudes: Pornography, Dirty Dancing, and Nineteenth-century Satire”
  • Ellen Malenas Ledoux, Rutgers University, Camden, “Portrait of a Working Mother: Sarah Siddons and Mary Robinson”

6:15 – 7:30: Keynote speaker | Kentucky Grand Ballroom B & C

Nancy Armstrong, Duke University, “The Victorian Archive and Its Secret”

7:30 – 9:00Banquet | Kentucky Grand Ballroom B & C

9:00 - 9:30: Performance | Kentucky Grand Ballroom B & C

The Victorian Theatrical Society of the University of Virginia presents H. J. Byron's 1858 The Maid and the Magpie; or, The Fatal Spoon!

Sunday, March 25

7:30 - 9:00: Continental breakfast

IX. 8:15 – 9:45

A. Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Book Illustrations | Bluegrass A
     Moderator: Carol MacKay, University of Texas at Austin

  • Catherine De Rose, University of Wisconsin, “Transatlantic Illustrations”
  • Melissa Gniadek, Rice University, “’Picture it all, Darley’”
  • Janel Cayer, University of Nebraska, “’The Figure I want for my frontispiece’”
  • Emer Vaughn, Indiana University, “Middlemarch and the Missing Illustrations”

B. Our Victorians, Ourselves: Literary Engagement through Personal Memoir | Triple Crown A-B-C
     Moderator: Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Columbia College

  • Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Columbia College, "On Becoming Ginevra Fanshawe, or What Not to Read before One's Wedding"
  • Leslie Haynsworth, University of South Carolina. “Mrs. Jellyby and Me; or How I Finally Conquered the Impulse to Kill Charles Dickens”
  • Amy Muse, University of St. Thomas, “Ruined by Rochester”
  • Joan Piorkowski, University of St. Thomas. “The ‘Jane Part’: Reflections on Austen’s ‘Constant’ Appeal”
  • Devon Fisher, Lenoir-Rhyne University. “Twisted Expectations: An Adoptive Father Looks at Oliver Twist

C. Types of Masculinity | Bluegrass B
     Moderator: Jonathan Coleman, University of Kentucky

  • Brent Shannon, Eastern Kentucky University, “Young Oxford on Parade”: The Image of the University Man in the Victorian Age”
  • Michael Kramp, Lehigh University, “Picturing Decay: New Women, Old Men, and Dixon’s Story of a Modern Woman” 
  • Adam Kozaczka, Syracuse University, “Re-imagining the Highlander: Representations of Imperial Masculinity in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century”
  • Jamie Horrocks, Brigham Young University, “Asses and Aesthetes: Ritualism and Aestheticism in Victorian Periodical Illustration”

D. Bugs, Birds, Balaeniceps rex: Animal Science in Victorian England | Blackberry Lilly
     Moderator: Rae Greiner, Indiana University

  • Jonathan Smith, University of Michigan-Dearborn, “Picturing Extinction: Charles Kingsley, Alfred Newton, and the Gairfowl”
  • Danielle Coriale, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, “Eliot’s Ugly Animals”
  • Jeanette Samyn, Indiana University, “John Ruskin’s ‘Curious Parasites’”
  • Rae Greiner, Indiana University, “Biological Intelligence”

9:45 - 11:45: Coffee break

X. 10:00 – 11:30

A. The Digital Perspective on the Nineteenth Century | Triple Crown A-B-C
Moderator: Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia

  • Dino Felluga, Purdue University, “Branching Out: Picturing the Future of Scholarly Publishing”
  • Jay Clayton, Vanderbilt University, “Steampunk Online: Game Design and Victorian Fiction”
  • Kathryn Crowther, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Treading Where They Trod: Visualizing the Nineteenth Century with Digital Mapping Tools”

B. Framing Specimens; Or, Learning How to See Plants Naturally | Bluegrass A
     Moderator: Lynn Voskuil, University of Houston

  • Narin Hassan, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Scenes and Spectacles under Glass: The Botanical Conservatory in Victorian Fiction”
  • Meegan Kennedy, Florida State University, “Discriminating the Minuter Beauties of Nature: Seeing Botanically, or the Uses of Natural Theology in a Victorian Medical School”
  • Lynn Voskuil, University of Houston, “Illustrative Specimens: Nineteenth Century Botanical Illustration and the Figure of Empire”

C. The Uses of Photography | Bluegrass B
     Moderator: Michelle Sizemore, University of Kentucky

  • Jessica Durgan, Texas A&M University, “Picturing the World in Color: Emerging Technologies and Color Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Elizabeth Whitmore Funk, Marymount University, “The General, Mrs. Tom Thumb, and the Carte De Visite”
  • Michele Martinez, Harvard University, “Feeling and the Photographer: Poetry in Cameron’s Annals
  • Susan Shelangoskie, Lourdes University, “Domesticity in the Darkroom: Photographic Process and Romantic Narratives”

D. Picturing Nineteenth Century Women in Black and White | Blackberry Lilly
Moderator: Kristi Branham, Western Kentucky University

  • Cheryl R. Hopson, Augusta State University, “…A Far-Away, Meditative Air”: Envisioning the Nonwhite Female Subject in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
  • Georgia Wheatley, Casper College, “Imaging Victorian Women’s Travel as Liturgy and Pilgrimage” 
  • Leslie Nichols, Western Kentucky University, “Textual Portraits: Envisioning Social Heritage, A Visual Art Series”
  • Kristi Branham, Western Kentucky University, “‘Mama keeps whites bright’”: Selling Laundry Duties to the American Lady”

E.  Imagining Animals | Crimson Clover
Moderator: Pearl James, University of Kentucky

  • Anna Feuerstein, Michigan State University, “Picturing the (Imaginary) Animal: George Romanes’ Animal Intelligence and the Problematics of Animal Representation”
  • Susan B. Taylor, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, “The Complexities of Representations in Two Early Victorian Poems Inspired by Visual Depictions of Dogs”
  • Laura White, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, “Natural History Illustrations and the Creatures in the Alice Books”

XI. 11:45– 1:15

A. Landscape | Bluegrass A
    Moderator: Janel Cayer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Emily Sessions, Brooklyn Museum of Art, “His Native Soil: José Maria Velasco and the role of landscape painting in nineteenth century presentations of Mexican Identity”
  • Amanda Adams, Muskingum University, “Moving Pictures: Bodies in Motion in Victorian Women’s Landscape Writing”
  • Nicky Agate, New York University, “Naturalist Landscapes: Les Types de Paris, or Framing Flux”

B. Exhibiting Art | Bluegrass B
    Moderator: Anna Brzyski, University of Kentucky

  • Susan Waller, University of Missouri, Saint Louis, “Picturing an Exhibition: illustrated Salon catalogues in the Belle Epoque”
  • Caroline Dakers, University of the Arts, London, “Size Matters: the extraordinary collection of Alfred Morrison, ‘Victorian Maecenas’”
  • Margaret Godbey, Coker College, “L.E.L. and ‘Modern Pictures’: Poetry as Art Criticism”

C. Ambiguities of Race | Blackberry Lilly
     Moderatotr: Lydia Pyne, Drexel University

  • Julia Dauer, University of Wisconsin, “‘It was so much like one whom I had seen': Uncertain Exhibitions in 'Three Years in  Europe'"
  • Andrea M. Holliger-Soles, University of Kentucky, “The African Theater and Domestic Imitations”
  • Mercedes López, “Picturing the Color of Andean Peasants: The Invention of “Whiteness” in the Nineteenth-Century Colombian Visual Costumbrismo

D. Visuality, Space and the Imaginary:  Subjectivities and Mentalities | Crimson Clover
Moderator: Sujith Parayil, The English and Foreign Languages University

  • Sujith Parayil, The English and Foreign Languages University, “Freezing Time and Mapping a Region: Official Photography of Travancore”
  • Amruth M, Kerala Forest Research Institute, “Discursive Visibilities and Temporalities of Governing: Showcasing ‘Man’ and ‘Nature’ in the Exhibitions and Museums in Colonial Travancore”
  • Sanal Mohan, Mahtma Gandhi University, “Visions of Modern Self: Missionaries and Ethnographic Imaginary”